Affordable and Fast Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Provider ISP in Columbia MO and Central MissouriMissouri-based iZones is a privately held Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) and Wireless Network Integrator. Essentially, we provide internet services via wireless connection with speeds comparable to DSL and Cable based modems. We pride ourselves on our incredibly fast, yet amazingly affordable wireless internet solutions. Additionally, we also provide free wireless hotspots at various locations throughout Columbia, MO.

We provide wireless network solutions for the following markets:

Residences Businesses Apartments Hotels / Resorts

Whether you’re a business or an individual looking for a internet service provider, we would encourage you to check out our services. You can request a free, no hassle quote via our contact us page.

4G Wireless Broadband Internet starting at $29.95

Want up to 15 Mbps of 4G wireless Internet? Would you like to take your Internet with you around Columbia and Ashland? How about sharing 5 WiFi connections with one device? iZones can provide you with all of these options at low affordable prices. Call today to solve your Internet needs.

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