Why Choose iZones?

Locally Owned

iZones is locally owned. We aren't a giant, faceless corporation. We live locally, and our mission is to provide great Internet in central Missouri.

Friendly Service

We listen, and will try our best to help you. Whether you are searching for Internet or having problems—we are here to help.

No Caps or Hidden Fees

No download or upload caps.

We won't throttle your connection because you've used too much of the service you are paying for.

The price on your bill is what you pay. No hidden fees.

No contracts or term commitments.

Great Performance

We aren't a satellite company. We deliver Internet via microwave links, between towers throughout the region.

We are continually optimizing our network for capacity and latency. We love gaming, streaming and chatting on Zoom, too—so we strive to deliver an Internet connection that we'd enjoy.